Custom Home

Build your dream house; we’ll help along the way

At Prolandian, we understand the challenges home owners and investors face when building houses tailored to their specific needs. Each quest for a new house starts with land acquisition and ends with final delivery. Our commitment is to provide a turn-key solution with a complete set of services covering all aspects of these endeavors. Our goal is to make your home building experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

When it comes to building a new house, our customers are not asked to select from a library of stock plans and make limited customizations. Most stock plans were designed to reflect old trends and have been used repetitively over the years. a new house built from a stock plan will look just like any other house down the street. In addition, many of these stock plans no longer meet the latest building codes and have to be revised. At Prolandian, we thrive on building houses that convey individual tastes and styles, while keeping in touch with latest design elements and code requirements.

Traditionally, custom design and construction demand high premiums. Keeping custom homes affordable is our goal and our competitive edge. The Prolandian team consists of seasoned architects, engineers, construction crews and service-oriented professionals. We employ state-of-the-art technology in our design process and are flexible and efficient with our business models and practices. By offering comprehensive services that encompass every aspect of a project, we are able to streamline all processes to avoid unnecessary overhead and delays, thus reducing the total cost of building a house.