Develop Property

Go ahead and change the world.
We’ll preserve the environment.

At Prolandian, we’re land developers as well as builders. And, true to our mission, we care for the environment from the ground up. We know that the greatest added value often comes from leaving a property alone.

We seek to incorporate nature’s handiwork into our designs, not destroy it. Instead of stripping and leveling, we try to preserve trees and maintain terrain. 

And, sometimes, Prolandian gives nature a helping hand.

The prevalence of impermeable surfaces – streets, driveways, sidewalks, and roofs – can make residential areas especially prone to flooding. Prolandian reduces this risk by installing Low Impact Design (LID) devices – planter boxes, sand filters, rain gardens and storm chambers – that capture storm water runoff. At the same time, these devices remove pollutants such as gasoline, oil, trash and sediments through settling and biological uptake. And the water, once cleansed, is released into nearby streams at a rate similar to the natural conditions.

Those streams join the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers and ultimately empty into the Chesapeake Bay. And, thanks to foresight and effort, the bay is a bit cleaner than it might have been.  

Of course, Prolandian’s environmental vision and innovative technology are complemented by practical engineering and attention to the details of local building and development regulations. That makes Prolandian an ideal choice for a variety of challenges:

  • Identifying available properties

  • Determining the best use of a property

  • Maximizing property value

  • Navigating often-tedious regulatory procedures

  • Structuring deals that benefit both buyer and seller