Land Development

Prolandian Services


Prolandian acquires a thorough knowledge of a particular piece of property to determine if it is a suitable site for development. We further determine, based on feasibility studies, what type of development is most appropriate.

We study economic feasibility by analyzing supply and demand in the market. We conduct an engineering feasibility study that identifies all infrastructure and surveying requirements, utility and water sources, and grading and soil-erosion issues.

And, of course, Prolandian studies the environment, evaluating soil, flora and fauna and assessing both natural hazards and short- and long-term risks.

Sometimes we also conduct other important studies – of traffic, noise, parking, schools and emergency services.

If the proposed project is promising – if it’s both economically feasible and a benefit to the community – Prolandian will proceed to develop a budget, secure financing and establish a timetable for completion.

Plan and Design

Through a combination of careful analysis and creative thinking, Prolandian transforms our clients’ dreams into reality. We create high-value solutions by knowing all the options.

By-right: Allowable Use of Site

Prolandian routinely pursues new development based on existing zoning codes and requirements, acquiring special-use and exception permits as needed.


Sometimes development of a particular property requires a zoning change to comply with a jurisdiction’s long-range or comprehensive plan. Prolandian is well equipped to pursue this process, which is timely, costly and highly political.

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

But what if a zoning change isn’t permitted? Prolandian will petition for changes to a jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan – an option that’s even more expensive and time-consuming.


After complying with all requirements for a particular zone, paying the appropriate fees and acquiring bonding, Prolandian secures all the necessary permits for a project to move ahead.

Bidding and Construction

Once plans are completed, Prolandian prepares an engineering estimate that is used to further evaluate a project and create a bid form itemizing costs. From this, a potential contractor will add quantities and extend prices to generate an inclusive number; exclusions and change orders will be noted.

During the construction phase, Prolandian can perform utility relocation, environmental/soil analysis, and construction surveying and staking.