Custom Home

Prolandian Turn-Key Solution

At Prolandian, we provide the following services to help build your dream house. We welcome your participation in every step to ensure that we are staying true to your vision, schedule, and budget.

Getting to know you

We listen carefully to what you want in a home. We discuss your family needs and lifestyle. Together we determine which features are most important and the best fit for your budget and location. Understanding your needs will help us tailor our services specifically for you.

Find a lot

It is critical to find the right lot. Before your commitment to purchase a piece of property, we conduct a feasibility study that includes zoning ordinance, building restrictions, soil and terrain conditions, potential issues with storm water management and erosion control, utilities (water, electricity, gas and sewer) locations and connection planning. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

House design

Custom house design does not have to be a time consuming and budget draining process. The real fun begins after we create a preliminary design based on your vision and needs. Our design is modeled in 3D on a computer and rendered using real material textures, colors and light sources. You can view both the exterior and interior of your house in 3D at any angle and distance, experiment with various architectural styles and try on different finishing colors and materials. Our 3D visualization makes the design process very interactive, efficient and effective. It reduces many uncertainties as you can see your house in its full detail before it is built. Once architectural design is finalized, we complete structural design and incorporate additional design elements to improve house comfort level and reduce energy consumption.


Prolandian has close relationships with several local banks. We can help you obtain acquisition and construction loans from these local lenders so that you can optimize your capital allocations and cash flow while reducing investment risk.

Preparing land for construction

When you are ready to turn undeveloped land into a buildable lot or engage in tearing down and rebuilding, our civil engineers create the required site and/or grading plans that fit your intended building design goals. We handle plan submission to local municipalities and all subsequent plan revisions; we work with reviewers to address any issues until these plans are approved.

Cost Quote

We perform all required tasks for both site work and house construction. Our cost quote contains detailed breakdowns of each major task with itemized costs and durations. This gives you a clear understanding of how your budget is spent at each individual step of the project and allows you to make sensible adjustments to your house design and material selections accordingly.


Depending on your project scale and location, permit processing can potentially involve quite a few governing entities within your local municipalities. City or town councils and committees, zoning, site, building, transportation and health departments are examples of these entities and they all have their own regulations and processes. It is a daunting task for most people to go through the entire permitting process without making mistakes and causing delays. To keep your project on time and within budget, our experienced and knowledgeable staff members can navigate through these systems quickly and effectively, while avoiding common pitfalls and oversights.

Quality Construction

Our construction crews are highly skilled and pay close attention to details and quality. Budget management is crucial to our mutual success. We will keep you informed every step of the way, effectively communicating progress and status to ensure budget compliance. We are open to making adjustments along the way based on your feedback. In the end, we want to make sure your new house not only meets our expectations, but exceeds yours.